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We are proud members of the International Tae Kwon Do federation under the guidance of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa IX Dan

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We welcome you to our very impressive Tae Kwon Do site, donated to us by a company in the UK called 'Dynamic Webdesigns'. We hope our new site will give you the answers you require about our art. If you need further information about us you can always contact our head office via the following link and we will guide you to one of our many schools based in our beloved country.


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kirousIt is absolutely impossible to arrume the history of the Ethiopian taekwon-do with out the veteran instructor sabum kiros G/meskel . sabum kiros las made apparet contribution to the growth and promotion of Taekwondo with in Ethiopia in the post 20 years Before 20 years international Taekwon-do was practiced only by not more than 50 members of the police force, and there were only 3 civilian taekwondo instructors in the country. But, thanks to sabum kiros 18years uninterrupted effort now there are more thon 15,000 Taekwon-do practitioners and over 150instractors in the country most of these instructors ware directly trained by sabum kiros G/meskel .and the yemaihing were trained by sabum kiros studentd, The club,founded by sabum kiros nearly kiros taekwon-do club was a 7 time champion of both the Ethiopian and addis ababa championships and awarded a considerable number of cups and medals that made it a leading club in the country most of the students trained in this club are worming as instructors and the rest headed to the countries film industry and sparked surge of interest in the action film in the country. International instructor, examiner. and the first 6th DAN DEGREE holder in the contry,sabum kiros G/meskel is currently offering international standard taekwon-do training ,in addition he is the founder of the first ETA Taekwon-do association in Ethiopia in his chosen and best featured career Taekwondo,sabum kiros could produce competent, healthy and productive citizens of various ages built up with ethical, technical ,and tactical skills and he still continues his valuable deeds at large and quality the curhent president of the Ethiopian taekwon-do association sabum kiros G/meskel examines the countries taekwondo students and have them directly certif. feed by the international taekwondo federation the the son of founder of taekwondo Gen.choi hong GM master choi Jung hwa 9th DAN degree